As a business and as individual team members, we each have an obligation and responsibility to make “Driven To Serve” a keystone of all that we do in being of service to our guests, fellow team members, business partners and communities!

Our Mission

'Driven To Serve' is our mission and represents the philosophical foundation on which our entire business rests. To be of service is our privilege and honor - it embodies the spirit of everything we stand for at Luther Automotive Group.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are meant to guide us every day and in everything we do. They form the foundation of how we operate and stand true, even when conditions around us change.

Service: We believe deeply that our job is to be of service to our guests, each other, our business partners and our communities, every day, without exception.

Integrity: We are ethical and make sure that our actions match our words. We are accountable for doing the right thing. We understand that our relationship with our customers is only as strong as our relationships with each other.

Human Dignity: We treat everyone with respect, fairness and dignity. We acknowledge and greet every person. We give our best to make all feel welcome and of value. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or intimidation.

Fairness: We treat people fairly, do not intentionally misrepresent our products, services or ourselves. We clearly state our expectations.

Potential: We look beyond the present and seek to discover the talents, abilities and aspirations of our team members, partners and communities.

Growth: We embrace change, seek out challenges and work hard to provide growth opportunities for team members, partners and communities.